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Our New Brand and Website

Our New Brand and Website

If you have followed us in the past, you will know that we recently changed the farm’s name from Spring Mount Farms to Grow Happy Farms. We did this, because we felt the new identity really embodies...


“We love partnering with Grow Happy Farms! John uses our spent coffee grounds to grow microgreens and mushrooms, which add a beautiful, healthful and delicious dynamic to our toasts, sandwiches, soups and salads.”

Kevin Mclaughlin

Larema Coffee House

“I had the best time growing mushrooms using Grow Happy Farms’ grow kit! I wanted to learn about growing mushrooms, and this was the perfect way to get started. The kit required minimum work with only watering every day, then BAM, mushrooms! Well worth my money spent. Fun and educational!”

Matt Sperati


“I absolutely love getting microgreens from Grow Happy Farms! I use the microgreens in soups, my morning shakes, and even on my pizza. Highly recommended!”

Kristen Brabble


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