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Did you know that the taste of your produce can be impacted significantly by how recently it was harvested? With many crops, the sooner you eat them after harvest, the better they taste. Unfortunately, most of the produce we buy in stores comes from far away-often from overseas. The nature of this supply chain causes a significant amount of time to pass from when your food is first harvested to when it arrives on your plate. This has a HUGE impact on the freshness and taste of your food.

So, how can we solve this problem? How can we have fresher, better tasting food? The answer is simple- BUY LOCAL! By sourcing locally grown food, you know where your food comes from and ensure that you are getting the freshest food possible. You will be able to taste just how much better fresh, locally grown produce tastes over its store-bought counterparts.

At Grow Happy Farms, we make it easy for you to buy local and have the FRESHEST produce possible through our Farm to Table Club. As a member of our club, we deliver fresh microgreens and herbs right to your doorstep!  Here are some of the perks of our Farm to Table Club:

Benefits of the Program

  • Convenience and safety- Microgreens come straight to your door.  You don’t have to spend your time going out, and you don’t have to risk being out in public during the pandemic.
  • A variety of microgreens available to you-  Each week you will get sunflowers, peas, radishes, and several other different microgeens or herbs that we swap out each week.  I may even slip some mushrooms in too from time to time. We will keep it interesting for you!
  • You save money-  By signing up for our monthly subscription for weekly deliveries, you qualify for bulk purchasing discounts.  Depending on what we deliver each week, you will save somewhere between 12-25% on the cost of your microgreens. 
  • You qualify for savings on grow kits-  Ever wanted to give growing your own microgreens a try?  Members of our farm to table club get a 20% discount on our  $10 Easy Grows It Grow Kit as long as they are club members too. 

To join our farm to table club, simply purchase one of the products below and you will be set up with our recurring monthly subscription.  You can choose between weekly delivery for $80 per month (4 deliveries per month) or every other week delivery for $40 per month (2 deliveries per month).  Your first month will be prorated, so I will credit you back the prorated amount after your purchase.

Signup for our Farm to Table Club today and enjoy the convenience of having the freshest microgreens and herbs brought to your doorstep each week!


Rib-eye steak prepared with some of our mushrooms.

Spaghetti with some of our sautéed mushrooms and our microgreens in a salad.

Farm to Table Club – Weekly Delivery

$80.00 / month

How it Works:

When you signup for this subscription, please provide your address and phone number in the order notes.  Each Saturday morning, place a cooler on your front porch, and we will deliver your produce to your cooler.  I shoot you an e-mail and we find out what products you like and don’t like. We add the products you like as part of your subscription. Depending on which week in the month you join, I prorate your subscription for the first month and credit you back part of your money. After your first prorated month, you will be charged the full amount each month following until you cancel.  If you choose to cancel, please give us 10 days notification before the end of your current month’s subscription. Thank you so much for your support!